Community Health Institute

Multifaceted System Approach

Community Based Forensic Mental Health Services with a Public Health focus

LAMOUR Clinic and LCHI goes far beyond clinics and psychiatric hospitals in working with our clients. We provide outpatient mental health services to children, adults and families, presently under the jurisdiction of Family Court, The Department of Children Services, The Department of Youth Services, Schools and other government agencies. Services include linkage and referral, community base treatment, coordination of care, and mental health consultation. We help to address areas of a client’s life that include child welfare, family violence, immigration, adult criminal and juvenile justice, education issues and disabilities within the mental health framework.


To provide culturally competent outpatient mental health treatment services to children, adults and families within their community.

Create a Community Care Management System that provides support to local service providers and agencies and to enhance appropriate coordination of care for clients.

  • Provide training and educational opportunities
  • Deliver cultural competence
  • Ensure collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders

Support is provided to clients to effectively utilize available community resources to achieve overall mental health and well-being.

Goals of treatment:

  • Deliver treatment in the community to increase well-being and promote community resources
  • Coordination of care to stabilize a client’s level of functionality in their community
  • Decrease barriers to health care access by providing cultural competent outpatient mental health