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About Lamour

We are a private and non-profit Multi Services Community Based agency  that is committed to advocating and providing community based, culturally-competent, and comprehensive programming services, with an emphasis on serving Asian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole, Spanish, Haitian and French Creole and Caribbean descent populations. We are recognized by the local and national social service and human services community as having expertise in providing Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), culturally competent mental health programming and out of school programming. Our staffs are multicultural, multilingual and understand the cultural needs of their community.

Our Leadership Team has received numerous awards for the design of culturally competent program services using best practices, to improve mental health and demonstrated exemplary leadership, expertise, and dedication to the profession, and whose contributions enhance practice, knowledge, and the profession’s public image and influence in the field of  Social Work and Human Services.

Emerging Leader Award 2015

Changing Lives Award 2014

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